Keynote Speaking

Dan combines his professional expertise as a mediator, his academic background in mental health from a public health perspective, and his personal lived experience with bipolar disorder to craft engaging keynotes.

He is known for his passion, his sense of humor, and his focus on making an impact – he leaves each audience with tailored takeaway tools they can carry forward into their professional practices and their personal lives.

Popular Topics

  • Empowering Mental Health Communication
    Mental illness is confusing, and it is easy to fall into the traps of paternalism, assumptions, and stigma.  Learn conflict-resolution techniques to help you say the right things, support diverse choices, and have fruitful conversations about mental health.
  • Being Your Best Self in Conflict
    Conflict resolution practices teach us to respect diverse choices instead of looking for right answers, to ask open-ended questions instead of being closed-minded, and to embrace fair practices.  Learn how to apply each of these concepts to how you manage conflict.
  • Discussing Mental Health at Work
    A fifth of us experience a diagnosable mental health problem each year and it impacts the workplace.  Whether they want to maximize productivity or minimize liability, managers need to be ready to talk about mental health at work.  Learn when and how to have these conversations.
  • Universal Design for Accessible Workplaces
    Universal design provides us a framework to make our work processes accessible not just for people with disabilities, but to workers with all kinds of needs.  Learn ways to apply key principles of equitable use, tolerance for error, and low effort to make your workplace thrive.
  • Being Prepared for Challenging Behaviors
    Too often, people end up improvising when they encounter challenging client and employee behaviors.  Planning ahead for emergencies, disruptions, and disconnects enables us to feel comfortable, be consistent, and achieve better outcomes.  Learn a framework to help you be ready for these challenges when they occur.

Recent Presentations

  • TEDxCooperUnion
  • New York State Council of Divorce Mediation
  • New Jersey Collaborative Law Group
  • The Association for Conflict Resolution
  • The American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution
  • The Academy of Professional Family Mediators
  • The Supportive Housing Network of New York
  • The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion
  • The New York City Peer Specialist Conference
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • The All Ivy League Mental Health Conference
  • The Columbia Mental Health Stigma Conference
  • The International Association of Peer Supporters

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